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Democrats Childish OUTBURSTS Prove They Are Losing To Trump, Joe Biden Calls Voter FAT And LIAR

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Ocasio Cortez LIES To Cover Up MASSIVE Jobs Failure Meanwhile Trump Boasts Best Numbers Of Our Lives. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez is trying to claim victory after Amazon announced an advertising office will be set up in Manhattan’s Hudson yards.

AOC posted a photo smugly sitting while demanding “haters” apologize after she was “proven right” and save NYC “billions”

In reality AOC chased away 25,000 jobs from New York and cost the city billions and the new office being set up has nothing to do with Amazon HQ2 and will only bring, eventually, 1,500 jobs to the city.

The sad truth for AOC is that she is not only an arrogant narcissist much like Trump but that she is failing to make anything meaningful happen.

For all of Trump’s faults with his character he is boasting the “best numbers of our lives” following a record smashing jobs report.

While Trump is absolutely worthy of being criticized for his arrogance he at least has hard numbers to back himself up. Ocasio Cortez unfortunately has only arrogance and failure behind her.


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